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Important Update

As of 18/06/2023, the demerger of the Company by way of a spin-off of its mutual fund and alternative investment fund management business has been approved and the established new company is 100% subsidiary of ALPHA TRUST HOLDINGS S.A. The name of the new company is ALPHA TRUST Mutual Fund and Alternative Investment Fund Management Single Member S.A., with VAT number 996542649, G.E.M.I. 173975960000 and headquarters at 21 Tatoiou Str., 14561 Kifissia, Attica. We would like to point out that the new company, with the above-mentioned name, as universal successor of the spin-off business continues the spin-off activity of mutual fund and alternative investment fund management as well as portfolio management, advisory and order reception and transmission services and becomes automatically universal successor to the rights, obligations and legal relations with suppliers, customers and third parties in general. Learn more.

Investment- Savings Plan

An investment-savings plan that allows investors to contribute small amounts of money, such as €30 a month in regular intervals.

Investment- Savings Plan



Portfolios creation, in collaboration with specialized and certified by the Hellenic Capital Market Comission Investment advisors.

  • Discretionary Asset Management
  • Advisory
  • Execution only services

αlphαtrust manages Alternative Investment Funds

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