Alpha Trust-Andromeda S.A., the only remaining Investment Company in the Athens Stock Exchange , has emerged in 2018 as one of the most efficient investment options in Greece with a strong resilience against the stock market’s decline. In 2018 the net asset value per share was maintained at (-2.45%) when the ATHEX Composite Total Return Index declined by (-21.97%) in the same period.

The share is steadily traded at a big discount compared to its net asset value, ranging from 30.41% to a minimum of 12.44% in 2018. The further decline of the stock market in January has led the shares’ discount at 21.41% compared to its net asset value in January 23, 2019.

Portfolio return of 41% against (-73%) of the Athex General Index since its  inception

The net asset value per share of Alpha Trust-Andromeda has increased from its inception (25/7/2000) until 31/12/2018 by 41.15% when in the same period the ATHEX Composite Total Return Index has decreased by (-72.92%). The significant performance of Alpha Trust-Andromeda portfolio is attributed to the accurate approach of economic conditions and companies’ fundamentals regarding companies listed in the ATHEX. At the end of 2018 the investment portfolio was invested by 91% in companies listed in the ATHEX, while a percentage of 2% was invested in Greek government bonds.

Its share portfolio in 2018 was characterised by a reduced participation of the banking sector.
The top five equity holdings at the end of 2018 consist of Quest Holdings, Titan, Thrace Plastics, ELVE and IASO.

Dividend yields

AlphaTrust-Andromeda S.A., having returned€70.33 mil. to the shareholder from its inception until today, constitutes a company with very high dividend yields and capital returns, even during difficult periods. For the FY 2017, the company has distributed dividend of 0.75 euro/share, bringing the dividend yield (in the ex-dividend period) to 3.5%, which records among the highest dividend yields of the companies listed in the ATHEX.

Kifissia, January 25, 2019