The Company ALPHA TRUST MUTUAL FUND AND ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT FUND MANAGEMENT S.A.  (distinctive title ALPHA TRUST), announces that the decision of its Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting dated June 13 2018, has approved the payment of a dividend for the fiscal year 2017 of a total gross amount of 357,896.00 euro, or 0.50 per share, taking also into account the incrementation due to the existence of 57,521 own shares.

The above-mentioned dividend amount is subject to a withholding of tax (15%), pursuant to the provisions of article 112 of law 4387/2016 and thus the shareholders shall receive a net amount of 0.425 euro per share.

The ex-dividend date was set for June 29, 2018. The beneficiaries of the dividend for the fiscal year 2017 are the Company's shareholders who shall be registered in the records of the Dematerialised Securities System on July 2, 2018 (record date).

Payment of the dividend shall be effected on Tuesday, July 5, 2018, from the bank «PEIRAEUS BANK», in the following ways:

  1. Through the operators of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS), provided they have been granted with the right of collection.
  2. With a deposit in the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), selected by the investor for the collection of distributed amounts, pursuant to article 13 of the Rules of Operation of the DSS and decision No 6 of the BoD of ATHEXCSD, as currently in force, for investors not wishing to collect payment through their Operators. This only concerns investors who have declared an ΙΒΑΝ in the paying bank «PEIRAEUS BANK S.A.».
  3. Through the branch network of «PEIRAEUS BANK S.A.» for the investors who for various reasons may not receive payment of the distributed amounts as provided for under points (1) and (2) above.

Cash collection through the branch network of «PEIRAEUS BANK S.A.» is possible only upon submission of the ID card and of a printout of their K.A.M.E. number (code number of the investment lot in the D.S.S.) The collection of the cash payment by a third person is possible only if the bearer has a written authorisation with full details both of the beneficiary shareholder and the authorised person (full name, father’s name, ID No. & Tax No), with the signature of the beneficiary certified by the Police or other competent Authority. The payment of the dividend by the Bank shall expire on 30.9.2018. From 1/10/2018 the payment of the dividend shall be done exclusively at the company’s offices, (Tatoiou 21,145 61 Kifissia).

For any further information, please contact our Investors Relations Department (Ms Konstantina Ganetsou, tel. +30 210-6289200) Ganetsou, tel. +210 -6289200).

Kifissia, June 14, 2018