Innovative Pension Plan Investment for the employees of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN and ALPHA TRUST

Kifissia, June 25th, 2010

In its efforts to improve further the management of its Employees Pension Plan in Greece, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A., in cooperation with INTERAMERICAN, the insurance company responsible for the investment management of part of this Pension Plan’s reserves, proceeded with the launching of a new Mutual Fund: the S&B PENSION Global Equity Fund of Funds (Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s License: 57/16.6.2010) and the mandate for the management of this fund was awarded to ALPHA TRUST M.F.M.C.

The S&B PENSION Global Equity Fund of Funds is adjusted to the needs and particularities of the pension plan program that S&B offers to its employees in Greece. It has a global orientation and invests primarily in selected equity mutual funds of specialized foreign asset management companies, with the credibility, the long-standing experience and know-how of ALPHA TRUST.

The integrated pension plan solution that S&B offers to its employees, part of which forms the new mutual fund, is aligned with the most modern corporate pension plan programs running abroad and reinforces the Integrated Human Resources System, developed by the company in recent years for all countries of major activity and development around the globe.

The partnering associates

S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. is the mother company of an international Group of Companies, its purpose being to mine, process, and trade industrial minerals and ores. Utilizing the multiple properties of industrial minerals, S&B offers a portfolio of customized solutions for a broad range of applications (including foundry, steel-making, construction & building materials, metallurgy and horticulture). It has an extended global activity and leading positions in the main markets it serves and sales in more than 70 countries.

INTERAMERICAN, one of the leading companies in the Greek Insurance Market, focuses mostly to the development of group insurance programs, particularly in programs of pension plan investments complementing the income after retirement. In a period characterized by a high level of uncertainty for the pension system, the individual as well as the group pension plan investment programs of INTERAMERICAN constitute a reliable solution for individuals and for companies’ personnel.

Founded in 1987, ALPHA TRUST is today the largest independent investment services company domiciled in Greece. Since 2009, ALPHA TRUST
M.F.M.C., a subsidiary of ALPHA TRUST Investment Services S.A., is in cooperation with INTERAMERICAN for the development of unit-linked insurance products, which are invested in the mutual funds of ALPHA TRUST.

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