ALPHA TRUST MUTUAL FUND AND ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT FUND MANAGEMENT S.A. (trading as ALPHA TRUST) hereby announces that its Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders decided on 3.6.2015 to approve payment of a dividend for 2014 of € 618,650.40 in total or € 0.20 per share, which takes into account the augment due to the existence of 16,748 own shares.

That dividend is subject to 10% withholding tax in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 of Law 4172/2013 and consequently the shareholders will receive a net amount of € 0.18 per share.

The Company’s Board of Directors, which was authorised to this end by the General Meeting of Shareholders at its meeting on 8.6.2015, set the cut-off date for entitlement to the dividend at 10.6.2015. Dividends for the 2014 accounting period are payable to all persons entered in the Dematerialised Securities Systems’ records as company registered shareholders on the record date of 11.6.2015.

Dividends will be paid on Monday 15.6.2015 by the paying bank PIRAEUS BANK, in the following ways:

  1. Via DSS Operators acting for shareholders entitled to the dividend, provided the right to collect dividends has been granted.
  2. Via PIRAEUS BANK’s network of branches to shareholders who have not requested payment via their DSS Operator or whose shares are held in the HELEX Special Account or who have revoked their DSS Operator’s authorisation.

To collect cash via the PIRAEUS BANK network of branches it is essential for shareholders to submit their ID Card and a printout of their DSS Investor Account Number. Payments to third parties can only be made if an authorisation is submitted, which must contain the full particulars of the shareholder entitled to the dividend and the proxy (name-surname, father’s name, ID Card and Tax Reg. No.), the authenticity of the signature thereon having been duly attested by the police or other authority. The last day for payment of the dividends via the bank is 31.12.2015. From 1.1.2016 onwards the dividend will be paid at the company’s offices only (21 Tatoiou St., Kifissia, GR-14561).

Should shareholders require any further information they are requested to contact the Shareholder Relations Department on: +30 210 62 89 200.

Kifissia, 8.6.2015