Kifissia, August 25, 2011

20 years have passed by since the start up of the ALPHA TRUST Growth Domestic Equity Fund (Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s License: 58546/Β737, Government Gazette Issue No 679/Β/8.8.1991) on August 13th.

The oldest historically mutual fund of the managing company ALPHA TRUST M.F.M.C. consistently remains in the top position of its category, since its inception on 13/8/1991, recording a total cumulative return of 468.75%,Note according to data as of 13/8/2011. Respectively, the General ASE Index, which was at the level of 1000.6 base points on 13/8/1991 and at 991.14 base points on 13/8/2011, recorded, during the same period, a negative return of (-0,95)%.

Moreover, the mutual fund has received top ratings of 5 and 4 stars by Morningstar®, while it has received several distinctions by being placed in the top positions of its “Equity Mutual Funds of Greece” category.

The 20-year anniversary of ALPHA TRUST Growth Domestic Equity Fund is inextricably linked with the dynamic and successful 20-year
course of ALPHA TRUST M.F.M.C., which keeps steadily and consistently over the years, a very high level of fund management combined with a series of first-position placements in terms of returns and distinctions in the Greek mutual fund market.

Note: Cumulative return calculation includes reinvestment of dividends.
Cumulative returns ALPHA TRUST Growth Domestic Equity Fund: 1Y (30.07.2010‐ 29.07.2011)‐22,46% , 3Y (30.07.2008‐
29.07.2011):‐48,36%, beginning of year up to 29.07.2011: ‐7,64%.