Business Awards 2020

For the fourth consecutive year, ALPHA TRUST is the top choice of the investment community, as we were once again among the winners οf the Business Awards “CHRIMA”. We received the 1st place award for “Best Mutual Fund Management Company”, after an open voting process across a wide audience, the readers of “CHRIMA” magazine and “CHRIMA Week” and visitors of the financial-business portal

Business Awards 2019

ALPHA TRUST, for one more year in 2019, was among the winners of the Business Awards "CHRIMA"

it received 2 distinctions: “1st best Mutual Fund Management Company" and "2nd best company listed in the alternative market"

The readers of the financial-investment magazine "CHRIMA" and the visitors of the business-financial portal,, identified and rewarded the companies that contribute to the development of the Greek economy, employment and the Greek capital market.

The Business Awards CHRIMA 2019, were organized by Ethos Events, a member of the Ethos Group.

Business Awards 2018

ALPHA TRUST, for one more year in 2018, was among the winners of Business Awards "CHRIMA". It received the distinctions of the “1st best Mutual Fund Management Company".

National Champion European Business Awards

In 2015-16 Business Awards, ALPHA TRUST among 32,000 European Companies was recognized as a "National Champion", distinction that awarded to 678 companies from 33 countries.

The European Business Awards are sponsored by RSM International, an auditing and consulting firm and are recognized for rewarding excellence, best practices and business innovation across Europe.