With a logo depicting the Antikythera Mechanism, αlphαtrust captured and conveyed its ambitions

characterized by accuracy, novelty and ingenuity.

The smooth movement and reciprocal action of the Mechanism is similar to how we aspire to operate in alphatrust on the basis of integrity, discretion, consistency and accountability that let us build valuable and enduring relations with everyone involved in the course of our business.

The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered in 1900 and is the oldestknown scientific instrument (150 to 100 BC), the earliest computer.
It consists of 3 parts made of brass plates and gears. The device has 32 gears revolving around 10 axes.The operation of the device resulted in at least 5 dials, with one or more hands on each. It is the finest testimony to the great collective astronomical knowledge.
This is the predecessor of modern positioning tools, based on the accurate operation of the gears.

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Dr. Brendan Foley, «Δώρα από τον Ποσειδώνα: Το ναυάγιο των Αντικυθήρων

For decades, scientific investigation failed to yield much light and relied more on imagination than the facts. However research over the last half century has begun to reveal its secrets. The machine dates from around the end of the 2nd century B.C. and is the most sophisticated mechanism known from the ancient world. Nothing as complex is known for the next thousand years.

Google doodle gears up for Antikythera mechanism's discovery

The Antikythera mechanism is a 2,000-year-old computer