Investment-Savings Plan

Plan  your future with ALPHA TRUST’s Investment-Savings Plan. Whether you’re planning for retirement, a college fund, or other financial goals, our expert team will help you set up monthly investments tailored to your needs. Discover how our plan can work for you and your family!

Investment-Savings Plan

Monthly Investment - Savings Plan

Grow Your Wealth Steadily Over Time

Invest Easy through a standing order from your bank account at Piraeus Bank SA.

30minimum monthly payment per fund

What can I gain from this?

See what the value of your money would have been if you had invested 50 €, 100 € or 200 € a month in the ALPHA TRUST DOMESTIC BOND FUND – R* from its inception (19/04/1994) up to 28/06/2024:
What can I gain from this?

Important notice: Profit is calculated on the assumption that payments are made on the first business day of each month (if the first working day is a bank holiday, the investment takes place on the last business day of the previous month).

* Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s License: 6th/29.3.1994/7B, Government Gazette Issue : 280/B/18.4.1994


Cumulative Performances : 

1 year 30/06/2023 – 28/06/2024: 4.62%,
3 years 30/06/2021 – 28/06/2024: -9.50%,
5 years 28/06/2019– 28/06/2024: 8.86%

Institutional Share Classes – I for the funds are also available. Activation date:01/10/2018.

Important Notice: Important Notice: Mutual Fund's exposure to transferable securities and money market instruments issued by the Hellenic Republic exceed 35% of Net Asset Value and may exceed 65% of Net Asset Value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Investment-Savings program?

It is a systematic investment-savings program that allows you to create a capital throughout time. The plan offers significant benefits such as:

  • Consistency and self-discipline to meet the goal of creating a major capital over time
  • Avoid stress, allow professionals manage your investment-savings
  • Complete adaptation to your own needs and financial capabilities
  • The credibility and reliability that αlphαtrust provides you with, because you trust your money in an organization that has timeless, top-class fund management

Why should i invest through this program?

By consistently setting aside a fixed amount each month, you not only cultivate a disciplined savings habit but also build a safety net for unexpected expenses. Start small today and watch your savings grow steadily month after month.

ALPHA TRUST’s Investment-Savings Plan provides substantial advantages including:

  • 0% participation fee
  • 0% redemption commission, after 2 years
  • Ability to stop the plan, partial or total liquidation, and reactivate it whenever you wish

What types of fees are associated with this?

Zero participation fee, plus redemption commission, after 2 years

Can I modify the investment strategy or the monthly installment?

ALPHA TRUST’s Investment-Savings Plan provides complete adaptation to your own needs and financial capabilities.

Take advantage of flexibility: You have the freedom to adjust your selected mutual funds and monthly contribution amount at your convenience.

How can I keep track of my investment?

You can track the performance of your investment-savings program daily through the MyAlphaTrust platform.

What happens if I cannot make the monthly contribution?

If you are unable to make the monthly contribution, there are no penalties or consequences. The program will continue as usual until you are able to make the next scheduled contribution for the amount you have chosen.

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