ALPHA TRUST’S mutual funds have once again during the five-year crisis (31.12.2009-31.12.2014) achieved better returns than their benchmarks.

According to the data provided by the Association of Greek Institutional Investors, the best returns for the year were achieved by ALPHA TRUST NEW STRATEGY Domestic Equity, while it should be noted that this mutual fund continues to rank 1st since 2010, a year of a substantial change in its investment purpose and policy, returning 5.61% against losses (-60.06%) of its benchmark (data for the period 31.12.2010-31.12.2014). ALPHA TRUST HELLENIC EQUITY FUND ranks among the first five Greek equity mutual funds for the current year in terms of returns. Since its inception in 1995, the mutual fund has recorded an overwhelming overperformance (259.20%) compared to the ATHEX General Index, the latter recording losses of -9.62% (data for the period 31.12.1995-31.12.2014).

It should also be noted that both mutual funds have received the higher total rating of 5 stars (data 31/12/2014) by the international agency Morningstar®.

Furthermore, based on data until the end of 2014, the ECONOMISTS’ OCCUPATIONAL PENSION FUND Domestic Balanced has received a high rating of four stars. During a three-year period this mutual fund has ranked first among 31 Balanced Mutual Funds in total, returning 97.68%, denoting the many years of experience and know-how of ALPHA TRUST in providing specialised investment solutions for the management of reserves of Occupational Pension Funds.

The highest return among all the Mutual Funds of ALPHA TRUST for 2014 was recorded by S&B PENSION GLOBAL EQUITY FUND OF FUNDS (16.82%), thus reaffirming the Company’s precedence in the management of modern company pension plans. The mutual fund has ranked in the 6th place among the 22 Mutual Funds of its category.

Concerning the best returns at the Company’s level, the INTERAMERICAN GLOBAL BALANCED FUND OF FUNDS ranked second (6.58%).

The returns recorded for the year for the ALPHA TRUST STRATEGIC BOND FUND (4.44%) and ALPHA TRUST GLOBAL LEADERS FOREIGN EQUITY FUND (4.08%) were also positive, with the latter ranking in the 3rd place in the category of Global Equity Mutual Funds.

Lastly, the GENIKI DOMESTIC BOND has ranked 3rd in the category of Domestic Bond Mutual Funds among 13 Mutual Funds in the category (not including the Mutual Funds that became active in 2014), while it ranks 2nd in the three-year period (31.12.2011 - 31.12.2014), returning 172.15%.

The remarkable returns of ALPHA TRUST’s Mutual Funds during the last year prove the Company’s consistent delivery of investment products, which fully meet both the needs of investors expecting gains mainly from Greek stocks, and those seeking access to the major global markets.