Dragon Capital Group, Vietnam’s largest, independent fund manager, concluded its visit with a presentation to a business audience following an invitation from ALPHA TRUST. The delegation leader, Mr Dominic Scriven, founder of the company, was accompanied by Ms Le Yen Quynh, investment manager, and Ms Rachel Hill, DC Group Director.

Dominic Scriven, one of the most experienced and respected fund managers in Vietnam, sits on the Board of many companies from Vietnam and elsewhere, including 4 listed on the Vietnamese Stock Exchange.

Mr. Tamvakakis, Vice Chairman of the Board of ALPHA TRUST had the following to say:

“Continuing its endeavour to introduce the Greek public to distinguished managers from around the world, ALPHA TRUST is pleased to welcome Dragon Capital, which is opening the door to one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. The fact that we have Dragon Capital’s top level managers here is a perfect reflection ALPHA TRUST’s long-standing research into and analysis of asset management practices from around the globe”.

During his talk, Mr. Scriven presented Vietnam’s economy, putting emphasis on the country’s particularly dynamic growth rates and the investment opportunities the country offers.

With the Vietnamese economy steadily on the rise, he said that, “the country has the strongest macro-economic footprint among emerging markets” and Mr Scriven went on to stress 5 key points: the balance of trade, exports, currency stability, infrastructure and recovery of the banking system.

He also attached particular importance to the especially high rate of growth in GDP (6.5%) while nearby economies were slowing down, stressing that growth is secured by a stable macro-economic policy and improved productivity levels.

Kifissia, 14.4.2016