The Act of Tax Liquidation No 56682/23-10-2017 following a court decision was notified to Alpha Trust Mutual Fund And Alternative Investment Fund Management S.A. (distinctive title ALPHA TRUST) from the head of the Public Finance Department (Athens Tax Office), inviting ALPHA TRUST to pay in two equal monthly instalments the total amount of 1,171,166.48 euro (broken down into 292,916.12 euro of principal tax and 878,748.36 euro of additional tax). The Act notified concerns the judicial outcome of its appeal against the Tax Assessment Notice No 4/10.5.2006 of the Head of the Regional Auditing Centre of Athens (Periphery control center -ΠΕΚ ATHENS) regarding the tax audit of the financial year 2004 of GENIKI Mutual Fund Management S.A., i.e. for the accounting period 1/12003 – 31/12/2003, during which ALPHA TRUST was not a shareholder of GENIKI Mutual Fund Management S.A. The Information Note on the admission of ALPHA TRUST to the Alternative Market of the Athens Stock Exchange (2008) includes a detailed account of this matter. ALPHA TRUST reserves all its legal rights to exercise any remedy against the above Act. In any case any charge shall be borne by the counterparty of the purchase of the above company.

Kifissia, October 27, 2017